Botanical garden

Klaipeda University Botanical Garden was established in 1993 in the western part of Lithuania and the city of Klaipėda, in the valley of the Danė River, and occupies 9.3 ha of land. Distance to the Baltic Sea about 3.5 km. In 2002, it was granted the status of a dendrological park. Member of the Botanical Gardens Climate Change Alliance since 2020. Objects reminiscent of the Prussian history: little cemetery, oaks, and defensive ramparts. Former territory of Tauralaukis manor park. There is a natural abundance of oaks, maples and ashes, dating back to the history of Prussia and the legendary walk of Queen Louise. In the middle of the garden is the old Tauralaukis cemetery, a place of eternal rest of Wilhelm von Mirbach-Harff (1871- 1918), a famous historical and political figure. He was a German diplomat, the country's ambassador to Russia, and took part in the signing of the Brest Litovsk Peace Treaty. In addition, various other cemetery-specific attributes have survived: holders of epitaphic tables, remnants of former enclosures, etc. The Botanical Garden is a department of Klaipeda University with the scientific, educational and economic mission.


Botanical Garden
Kretingos str. 92
92327 Klaipėda
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Visiting the Botanical Garden
April 15 – 31 October
I-VII 8.00 – 20.00
November 1 – 14 April
I-VII 8.00 – 17.00